Lidl Stock: Can You Buy Lidl Stock and Will They Go Public?

Lidl is a family-owned private company with a small number of shareholders. Unlike Amazon, Best Buy, and Tesco, Lidl’s stocks are not listed on any Stock Exchange. A Stock Exchange, or Stock Market, is a marketplace where traders buy and sell stocks or shares. Since Lidl’s stocks don’t exist on Stock Exchanges, that means you can’t buy … Read more

Lidl Business Model Continues to Keep Other Stores on Their Toes

Front view of Lidl supermarket building header image

Every successful business starts from a plan. This plan covers how the business plans to make money, what products or services it offers, how it will identify its target audience, and the expenses incurred. This is called a business model, and it’s what will serve as the framework on which the business will operate and … Read more

What is Lidl? Type of Store and Everything Else You Should Know

Lidl store logo header image

Lidl, pronounced as “Lee-dle” (as in needle, wheedle, beadle), is the store giving Aldi a run for its money. Many shoppers are no strangers to how Aldi offers low product prices, earning it the title of the cheapest grocery store. It’s hard to compete with that when considering the store’s profit margin. How do you keep prices … Read more