I Lost My Safeway Club Card. Now What?

The Safeway for U membership program allows customers to accumulate shopping points and earn rewards using their Safeway Club cards. They can also save money on grocery shopping and other expenses like gas and pharmaceutical services.  Losing your Safeway Club card can be devastating. Imagine losing access to all those perks and rewards! Though it may seem … Read more

Safeway Shoplifting Policy: What Happens When You Get Caught Stealing?

The year 2020 presented some of the toughest challenges for grocery stores and supermarkets. Retailers experienced a 13% increase in shoplifting and recovered $49 million from shoplifters. In light of these incidents, most stores like Walmart, Kroger, and Safeway are now tightening up their security systems with Artificial Intelligence (AI). This post will explore the Safeway shoplifting … Read more

Does Safeway do Money Orders?

Four dollar bills header image

Safeway offers money orders at most of its stores. The store has a contract with Western Union so that customers can buy their money orders and perform other transactions at the customer service desks in Safeway stores. However, some Safeway stores may offer only a fraction of Western Union services. So it’s best if you phone … Read more

Does Safeway Recycle Plastic Bags?

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Like most stores, Safeway does not directly recycle plastic bags. The reason is that it’s a supermarket and not a recycling center. So if you take plastic bags to the store for recycling, they would only collect them and then transport the bags to the appropriate recycling centers.  You can take plastic bags to any Safeway … Read more

Does Safeway Sell Alcohol?

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Safeway sells alcohol in the form of beers, wines and spirits, and mixers in states where the store has a presence. This includes Arizona, Colorado, California, Hawaii, Delaware, Alaska, Idaho, and others. The store also sells its own private label. It’s one of the few grocery stores that openly sell liquor since state laws have prohibited it. … Read more

Does Safeway Have Sushi?

Chopsticks picking up one sushi roll out of four

Safeway sushi is fresh and available every day for purchase. You can buy it in-store or opt for home delivery. Shoppers who’d rather see it for themselves, but don’t want to enter the store, can opt for curbside pickup. You can get the regular sushi for as low as $4.49 at Safeway, although there are … Read more