How to Run a Successful Grocery Store

Running a grocery store begins with putting customers first. 73% of customers agree that their experience at a store influences their buying decision. Some are willing to spend more money if it means being offered quality service. That said, a happy customer leads to a sales increase. But it doesn’t end at customer satisfaction. Other factors you … Read more

Best Buy Hours Near Me

Electronics store header image

Best Buy is a popular consumer electronics retailer. The company’s headquarters is in Richfield, Minnesota, and it’s home to every gadget you can think of. You can buy TVs, home theaters, Car GPS and electronics, Cameras and computers, and much more. But variety is not all what makes Best Buy popular. Its customer service is … Read more

How to Build Grocery Store Display Shelves

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Grocery store display shelves are more than just for aesthetic pleasure. How you arrange them can significantly impact how many customers you attract. It can also determine how much sales you make. This is why building grocery store display shelves the smart way is important. You’ll need to consider the color contrasts of the products … Read more

Do DoorDash Drivers Rate Customers?

Food app ratings header image

You must be wondering what your DoorDash driver thinks of you. Are you a demanding customer or a generous tipper? Sadly, there’s no way to see what ratings DoorDash drivers give you. But do doordash drivers rate customers at all? The answer is no. Only DoorDash customers can rate their delivery drivers. So you can … Read more

What if No One Picks Up My Instacart Order?

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Today, I thought of making noodles. But I was feeling lazy to go pick it up from Walmart. So I opted for a food delivery service instead. Of course, Instacart was my first choice. But here’s the challenge; no one is taking my Instacart order. Why is that? It’s simple, really. I narrowed down all … Read more

Where is Velveeta Cheese in the Grocery Store?

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You can find Velveeta cheese and its substitutes in the dips and spreads section of a grocery store. Dips and spreads are commonly used for bread, biscuits, vegetables, or even seafood. Some stores keep their cheese in the Dairy and eggs department. So you’ll most likely find Velveeta cheese there. If you have no luck … Read more

Where to Find Egg Roll Wrappers in the Grocery Store

Egg roll wrappers are just like Wonton wrappers. The only difference is that Wonton wrappers are smaller in size and suitable for making wontons or dumplings. On the other hand, egg roll wrappers are used to make egg rolls.  If you’re looking for where to find egg roll wrappers in grocery store, we’ve prepared this … Read more

Where to Find Corned Beef in the Grocery Store

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Contrary to how it sounds, corned beef isn’t laced with or soaked in corn. Rather, the “corn” here refers to large grains of salt. This salt is used to cure beef briskets, hence the name “corned beef”.  Curing is a preservation process for most meat, fish, and vegetables. It involves rubbing salt or salt infused … Read more

Does Costco Take Passport Photos?

Taking your own passport photo is tricky. You’d have to set the timer on your camera and then run back to your spot in front of it on time. A small shake or movement at the last second can blur the shot. So now you’d have to redo it all over again. You’ll also have … Read more

Does Coconut sugar go bad? – All You Need to Know 

coconut sugar

You will agree with me that coconut sugar is a stream of goodness. It tastes good and packs a ton of nutritional value. WebMD in a post revealed a plethora of benefits from preventing low blood sugar and lowering the chances of a blood sugar spike. After reading this, you may be tempted to check … Read more