Where to find clove oil in the grocery store

Clove oil is a popular essential oil gotten from the clove plant known as Syzygium aromaticum. It’s used in aromatherapy and for flavoring food. Clove oil is also used in medicine to ease digestive upset, relieve pain, and help with respiratory conditions. If you’re having trouble locating where to find clove oil in grocery store, … Read more

Where to find crystallized ginger

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Crystallized ginger comes from fresh ginger root, which is peeled, cut up, boiled with sugar, and then dried. This results in sweet, chewy, and spicy treats that can be eaten on its own, or used in baking and along with vegetable dishes.  Crystallized ginger is one of the easiest treats to make, and if you’d … Read more

Where to find yakisoba noodles

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Yakisoba is a scrumptious Japanese noodle stir-fry dish. It’s made from wheat flour, and flavored with pork, cabbage, onions and bean sprouts. The dish is also mixed with Yakisoba sauce. The sauce is a sweet tango of soy, ketchup, and Worcestershire sauces. If you’d like to buy fresh Yakisoba noodles at the grocery store, then … Read more

How to know when pineapple is ripe

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Knowing how to tell a pineapple is ripe can be tricky, especially with their hard shells. But the process is actually a simple one, and you can do it yourself at the grocery store.  In our latest grocery guide, we’ll be showing you all secret signs of bad produce to look out for when buying … Read more

Where to find maraschino cherries in the grocery store

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The best maraschino cherries are preserved through brining, which is a totally different process from pickling, marinating and curing. Maraschino cherries are then soaked in food coloring and other components to give them a vibrant red color. The end result is what you eat along with your cocktails, and use as garnish for yogurt, cakes, … Read more

Where to find buttermilk in the grocery store

Buttermilk is a fermented dairy drink obtained from the liquid that’s left in a churn after making butter.  It’s non-fat and richer in cultures than your regular milk.  Nowadays, buttermilk can be easily made by incorporating cultures into regular milk. It can be drunk straight or used in cooking and baking to make pastries because … Read more

Does Walmart drug test employees?

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If you read our previous article on how to get a job at a grocery store, you’d know that it’s no easy feat. You’d have to pass the assessment test and scale through an interview, as well as jump through other necessary hoops. But did you also know that some grocery stores require drug tests … Read more

Why is Whole Foods popular?

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Whole Foods stock has made an unforgettable stance in the retail universe. From housing the best organic and fresh produce to creating a healthy environment for customers, it’s no wonder why Whole Foods stock is among the best in the world. If you’re a first-time Whole Foods shopper and you’re curious as to what makes … Read more

5 best Arabian grocery stores to shop at

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Arabian food typically refers to food originating from the Arab world. That is, from the Maghreb to the Arabian Peninsula.  These cuisines reflect the culture of trading in spices, herbs, and foods, and usually includes vegetables like eggplant, okra, potatoes, and tomatoes. Chickpeas, lentils and meat like lamb and beef are also incorporated into dishes … Read more

Top 10 Asian grocery stores to shop at in 2021

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Asian dishes have won the hearts of many, globally. With their richness in spices, sauces, and snacks, it’s no surprise there’s an Asian restaurant in almost every city you go to. And it’s also no secret that Asian foods are the cheapest to buy in most countries like North America.  Why Asian foods are that … Read more