Where to find Wax Paper in grocery stores

Person holding a sheet of wax paper header image

Wax paper, as the name implies, is made out of wax. The material is made super thin yet waterproof,  and is used for various purposes — lining counter tops to prevent a mess when you’re kneading dough, wrapping food, and lining containers you want to store baked goods in. Wax paper isn’t the same as … Read more

Where to find Kimchi in grocery stores

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Kimchi is salted and fermented vegetables made with cabbage, raddish, cucumber, and spinach, among others. Spices like chili powder, spring onions, garlic, and ginger are also used to make Kimchi. The taste is a blend of spicy, sour, and umami. Kimchi originates from Korea and has up to 13 types. But the most common one, … Read more

Where to buy cheesecloth of the best grades near you

White cheesecloth wrapped around the rim of a glass mug header image

Cheesecloth is a lightweight material usually made out of cotton and has tiny holes. You can use it to drain and separate curds (lumps of milkfat) from whey (yellow-ish liquid) in the process of making cheese. Curds are what eventually turn into cheese after you continuously press and drain them of whey. Cheesecloths are normally … Read more

Where to find turmeric roots in the grocery store

Person holding net bag containing turmeric roots

Turmeric roots are the raw versions of the spice you know as turmeric powder. Ground turmeric is popularly used as colorant in curries. It’s what gives them their vibrant yellow color. Some people use turmeric powder as a form of dye, and it’s a potent ingredient in medicine. It helps to reduce internal inflammation and … Read more

What are the different sections of a grocery store & common aisles?

What Are the Different Sections of a Grocery Store

The layout of grocery stores change regularly. While this change helps to keep aisles organized and help customers locate products easily, it is also a strategy to boost sales. Think of it as a mouse in the maze. Retailers trap you within their matrix untill you have to buy something you didn’t plan for before … Read more

Food stamps calculator: How much SNAP EBT benefits will I receive?

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The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is a life saver for many families. If you’re a low income earner, the Program gives you the opportunity to shop quality groceries without breaking the bank. You will receive an Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) card, which will allow you access special funds that the Federal government of the … Read more

What can you buy with food stamps: List of approved items

Net shopping bag with grocery items inside header image

In our previous post, you got to see what food stamps are and how they work. You get an Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) once you become eligible for SNAP benefits, and are able to buy groceries. But the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), which provides benefits and funds your EBT card, has specified what you … Read more

Food stamps: What they are & How to apply for food stamps online

How to apply for food stamps online header image

We love grocery stores and supermarkets for offering discounts. Unfortunately, price slashes happen once in a while. You can’t always wait until the next sales day before making your trip to the store. SNAP EBT cards, formerly called food stamps, ensure that you have access to healthy foods for your survival whenever you want. You … Read more

How to accept food stamps at my store

How to accept food stamps at your grocery store header image

Many people want to eat healthy, but can’t afford to. Sadly, grocery stores and supermarkets can’t give away products for free. But there’s an option that ensures everybody is happy — Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT). EBT cards are the new food stamps. They allow you to access funds that the federal government of the USA … Read more

Where can I use my EBT card?: 10 Grocery stores that accept EBT near you

cashier scanning food items at checkout counter of a grocery store header image

You can use your EBT card in most of the major grocery stores and supermarkets in the USA. Some pharmacies, gas stations, farmers markets, and local food cooperatives also accept EBT cards as a payment method.  However, you can’t just buy anything you want. The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) has a list of approved … Read more