Does Aldi charge for curbside pickup?

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Aldi charges you for every curbside pickup order. The purpose of the cost is to pay the curbside shoppers responsible for fulfilling your order. Also, Aldi will charge you for bags used to package your items. Depending on which bags the shoppers use, you could pay up to $6.99. Unfortunately, you can’t bring your own … Read more

Is Aldi a Franchise?

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Aldi is not a franchise. A private company owns the store, so you can’t buy the rights to operate under the company name. You also can’t buy Aldi stocks since they’re not listed on any Stock Exchange. We explain more on that in our post about Lidl’s stocks. Whether Aldi plans to take its stocks … Read more

Where Does Aldi Milk Come From?

Have you ever wondered, “Where does Aldi milk come from?”. If you have, Aldi’s private brand milk, Friendly Farms, comes from a partnership between the store and British Farms across the United Kingdom like Arla Foods. This union is known as the Aldi Dairy Farm partnership and was created in 2018. It has since been … Read more

Does Aldi Have Bags?

Two brown paper bags filled with grocery items

Does Aldi have bags? Yes, Aldi has shopping bags. So you don’t need to bring your personal bags from home. However, Aldi bags aren’t free.  You’d have to pay for each bag used to pack all your purchased items. This is because the store already has a low profit margin. To avoid extra costs and make … Read more

Does Aldi Allow Dogs?: What You Need to Know Before Taking Bingo with You

Aldi pet policy does not allow animals in any of its stores. So if you plan to take Bingo along with you on your next shopping trip, don’t. Your best option is to leave him outside the store or at home. However, there are exceptions. If your dog is a service animal, the Americans with Disabilities … Read more

Does Aldi Take Checks?

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Does Aldi take checks? No. Aldi does not take checks and eWIC cards. Although Aldi hasn’t said why it doesn’t accept checks, we can guess some possible reasons. One is bounced checks.  When a check bounces, it mostly means that the user doesn’t have sufficient funds within it. If Aldi were to accept checks, it’s most … Read more

Does Aldi do debit card cashback?

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Aldi gives cashback for debit cards. The cheapest grocery store in the USA gives customers their money back at its checkout counters. You can use it as long as your card qualifies for it. Qualifying cards include debit and Discover cards. Besides those, you can’t use any other card for the cashback service. The concept … Read more

Does Aldi Sell Bags of Ice?

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Aldi does not sell bags of ice in its US stores. Only Aldi stores in the United Kingdom do. Typically, most stores carry a minimum of 10lbs (4.5kg) bags of ice. Aldi UK sells 2kg (4.4lbs) bags of ice from the Gianni’s brand and 20kg (44lbs) bags from the Strachan’s brand. The prices start from … Read more

Does Aldi Sell Flowers?

Does Aldi sell flowers? Yes, Aldi sells flowers. The store sells both artificial and natural flowers. So if you’re looking for real flowers to surprise your loved ones with, we’ll show you how to purchase them at Aldi.  In terms of variety, Aldi has it all. If you want a bouquet of roses or less … Read more

Does Aldi Take Coupons?

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If you’re a regular shopper like me, you’re probably always in search of the best prices and deals at grocery stores. In that aspect, stores like Aldi have you covered. It’s no secret how Aldi has a low price margin, making it the ideal store for budget shoppers. But even with the prices set lower than most other … Read more