Can DoorDash Deliver Cigarettes?

DoorDash does not deliver cigarettes to customers. The grocery delivery service does not support it and the delivery of JUUL products and vape pens. 

However, there are exceptions. For example, if you order from a White Label merchant, DoorDash will fulfill the order on the merchant’s behalf. Read the full article below to learn the terms of cigarette delivery for DoorDash drivers.

Does DoorDash deliver cigarettes?

DoorDash doesn’t support the delivery of cigarettes. Yet, the company has stated some guidelines on its websites to guide its drivers on fulfilling such deliveries. Why is that?

Well, here’s the deal. Those regulations apply majorly to DoorDash Drive dashers. DoorDash Drive is a white-label fulfillment delivery service owned by DoorDash. The service is available to merchants or business owners who deal with large orders from customers.

Merchants who don’t have a delivery system or want to avoid order fulfillment costs can use DoorDash Drive. This means that DoorDash drivers will be in charge of delivering products directly to their customers as a third party. 

When you place an order on the merchant’s website, it will reroute to DoorDash for fulfillment. So if you order cigarettes, then DoorDash will fulfill it

You should know that there are specific requirements that you and your DoorDash driver need to meet before the order can be fulfilled. This is because cigarettes and alcohol products are special orders requiring verification. We discuss the requirements in the following section.

Requirements/conditions for delivering cigarettes on DoorDash

DoorDash has stated some conditions under which drivers may fulfill the order. For example, the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FDA) states that the minimum age for the sale of tobacco is 21. So DoorDash drivers can’t deliver cigarettes to customers below that age. Likewise, if the DoorDash driver is below 21, they can’t fulfill the order. 

DoorDash drivers are required to ask you for ID before handing over the cigarettes. The DoorDash website and app even have verification features for this purpose. So once you place the order for the cigarettes, you have to upload a photo of your ID. You can submit a State ID, Driver’s license, Military ID, or passport. 

Illustration of a State Issued ID card

Once the app or website verifies your age, your DoorDash driver can fulfill your order. But it’s not over yet. 

DoorDash also restricts the delivery of cigarettes or tobacco products to the following locations. So even if you and the driver pass the age verification check, they can’t deliver the cigarettes if you’re in those locations:

  • Hospitals & healthcare institutions or facilities
  • Sports event centers or venues
  • College premises. E.g., Frat houses.
  • Schools (Public or private)
  • Prisons, Veterans’ homes, or reformatory centers
  • Post Office (P.O.) boxes or storage facilities
  • Tobacco stores or retail shops.

Can DoorDash deliver cigarettes to my doorstep?

Unlike regular grocery items where you can leave drop-off instructions, DoorDash drivers can’t drop cigarettes at your doorstep and walk away. They have to verify your identity first. 

When your DoorDash driver arrives to make the drop-off, they are permitted to ask for your ID in person. This will allow them to match the information you’ve provided to the person standing before them. It’ll also help them verify that the ID isn’t expired or fake.

Suppose the driver finds grounds for suspicion after checking your ID. In that case, they are permitted to delay the order and contact support for assistance. This is because they will be held liable for selling cigarettes to minors if they are caught. So they have to use their judgment to navigate around the situation.

If you’re intoxicated at the time of the drop-off, you were unavailable, or the driver is unable to verify your ID, you won’t get a refund. Also, DoorDash drivers are allowed to decline your cigarette or tobacco orders. 

Because of the rigorous verification processes attached to fulfilling special orders like this, some drivers may not want to accept it. So you’ll most likely experience DoorDash drivers avoiding your order or canceling it. 


DoorDash doesn’t deliver cigarettes to customers. Most other grocery delivery services like Instacart don’t deliver cigarettes. You’d have to pass through a white-label merchant, which is stressful. On the bright side, other grocery delivery services do. 

For example, Saucey. Though Saucey is an alcohol delivery service, they also sell cigarettes. They even have JUUL products. Of course, you’d still need to provide an ID as required by the law. But at least, you won’t have to pass through long processes like with DoorDash. 

Amazon also sells cigarettes, but they’re tobacco-free. The online store only sells herbal kinds. They’re the healthier alternative to tobacco-based cigarettes as they help clear your lungs. So if you ever need to buy them, you can order from Amazon instead.

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