Top 10 Asian Grocery Stores to shop at in 2021

Asian dishes have won the hearts of many, globally. With their richness in spices, sauces, and snacks, it’s no surprise there’s an Asian restaurant in almost every city you go to.

And it’s also no secret that Asian foods are the cheapest to buy in most countries like North America. 

Why Asian foods are that affordable

If you’ve ever wondered why Asian foods are so inexpensive, it’s because of:

  • The low cost of production and distribution
  • High price competition
  • Low cost of advertising. Most Asian brands aren’t advertised internationally.
  • High population and demand

However, in certain locations, Asian foods can be pricey because the ingredients used to cook them are rarities.

Asian dishes served on a wooden board

But such costs could easily be avoided if you opt to buy the ingredients yourself and cook your own meal at home. 

It’s the cheaper alternative, plus it will help improve your cooking skills.

Top 10 Asian grocery stores online and offline

If you’d like to know some of the best Asian grocery stores online and offline, check out our top 10 list below:

1. H Mart

Front view of H Mart groceries store
Photo credit: @hmartofficial on Instagram

H Mart is possibly the best Asian supermarket in the entirety of the United States, and even abroad.

In terms of variety, it has all kinds of foods plus home cleaning products, plus a 3-part food court featuring snacks and dishes from Japan, Korea, and China. 

There you’ll find fish cakes, Shin Ramyun, and a wide kimchi selection.

Both delivery and in-store pickup are available at H Mart.

2. Grand Asia Market

Front view of Grand Asia Market
Photo credit: Instagram

Grand Asia Market currently operates in two locations; Raleigh and Charlotte. 

The store majorly deals in Chinese grocery items, and a wide variety of Indian and Japanese food items. 

Additionally, they house food imports from Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan, and even Thailand. 

The market has both delivery and pickup options available for all shoppers in the USA.

3. 99 ranch

Employees standing in front of 99 Ranch Market grocery store
Photo credit: @99ranchmarket on Instagram

99 Ranch is one of the best Asian grocery stores online and offline, and is both a great distributor of Taiwanese and Chinese cuisines.

The Portland-based grocery chain is among the largest in the USA, housing a dim sum counter, roast meats, a large selection of fish and meat balls, fresh seafood and Zucchini noodles, tofu, and a produce section.

There’s the option to ship, deliver or pick up customer orders, and you can use the online store locator to get more information about available products.

4. Asian Food Center

Asian Food Center grocery store

Asian Food Center is a breathtaking Chinese-themed grocery store situated in Seattle.

The store is quite large and it has well-organized grocery store aisles, which you can easily navigate without help.

It has a produce section, meat and fish counter, dry goods, home goods and condiments, frozen foods and many more. 

Even better, the store stands close to famous Chinese hot pot spot, Little Sheep, providing shoppers the opportunity to experience quality Asian foods.

So if you ever want to replicate the dishes, the ingredients are right next door.

Currently, it’s running a sale and items are going for as low as $0.99. Delivery options are available, so you don’t have to head in-store.

5. Yami (Formerly known as Yamibuy)

Yami Asian grocery store website
Photo credit:

Yami is a US-based international corporation, which specializes in distributing imports from Asia to the United States.

You can buy popular snacks and food items like Binggrae milk, Nongshim shrimp crackers, and instant ramen there.

The store also has delivery options available, so you can get your favorite Asian snacks without leaving your dorm or house.

6. Fubonn Shopping Center

Fubonn Shopping Center website
Photo credit:

Fubonn Supermarket has the best varieties of Asian food items, so far. 

It sells fresh produce, dry goods, frozen foods, housewares, and even liquor, which most grocery stores don’t sell.

Almost every Asian country is represented in Fubonn supermarket, and that means Chinese, Taiwanese, Filipino, Vietnamese, Cambodian, and Lao cuisines.

7. Bangkok Center Grocery

Woman with blue umbrella walking in front of Bangkok Center Grocery store
Photo credit: Instagram

Though not the most famous or among the largest in size, the Bangkok center grocery store is perfect for meeting all your Thai needs. 

It’s located in New York, and it’s got all kinds of curry pastes, drinks, seasonings, and snacks as well.

You can find lemongrass, galangal, Thai basil and coriander there, and other ingredients that are typically hard to find in regular grocery stores.

Pricing is also cheap and customer service is top notch. This is the place to go if you’re on a budget, but you want premium quality ingredients for cooking Asian foods.

Unfortunately, the store doesn’t have delivery options. But you can check its online platform for details about ingredients before purchase.

Better still, you can use grocery delivery services like Instacart.

8. Sunrise Mart

Sunrise Mart grocery store website
Photo credit:

Like Bangkok Center grocery, Sunrise Mart is a small store with a decent collection of Asian inspired seafood and noodles, and they also have frozen foods.

It also has a tofu stall where you can eat the best homemade tofu. It’s open from Wednesdays to Sundays from 12pm to 5pm.

Our favorite part is the seafood counter, which has the freshest fish on display.

They’re perfect for making sushi, and they also have octopus legs that will go well with spicy stir fry.

Sunrise Mart has both in-store and delivery options available.

9. Seafood City Supermarket

Shopper wheeling Seafood City Supermarket cart containing grocery items
Photo credit: @seafoodcitysupermarket on Instagram

This supermarket is located in Mississauga, and is an oasis of Filipino foods.

It has lechon, sisig, and even chicken adobo. 

The store also stands right next to Jollibee, which is another large Filipino fast food chain.

Seafood City offers both delivery and pickup options.

10. Iqbal Halal Foods

Iqbal Halal website

This store is located in Toronto, and is also in the same plaza as Trupti, an Indian owned food manufacturing company.

Iqbal Halal has a wide variety of goods from Pakistani and Indian communities, and has been in operation for over 20 years. 

You can find some of the best steaks there, along with dry foods, snacks, bulk goods, and fresh produce.

Delivery and pickup options are available.

Now you know some of the best Asian grocery stores online to shop at. You can also check out our guides on the best places to buy the following ingredients: